Researching the KATZ family from the Pandelys Stetl and the DERMAN family from Kaunas #general

jonathan goldstine

My grandfather, William KATZ, was born in Pandelys around 1886 and
emigrated to NYC in the early 1900's. He owned a shoe store in Manhattan
for many years on Columbus Ave. his parents were Joseph and Fannie BRILL.
His sister, Sara Mashe, married Louis DERMAN, who I think was >from Kaunas
stetl based on NYC records. William had a younger brother, Nathan, who
emigrated to NYC in the early 1900's. Any advice or pointers on research
are much appreciated.
I have joined the Kaunas and Karasai sigs and am working to learn about
Lithuanian Jewish genealogy.
I have done autosomal dna with family tree dna.

Jonathan Goldstine
Knoxville, TN