Surnaw, Russia or Ukraine #general

Jim Statler <jim.statler@...>

1st of all, I must apologize for some mis-information I did not pass on in my
1st message. My name is Jim Statler & that is our adoptive name. My biological
family name is James Lee STEINBERG. My father was Reuben Steinberg, his father
was Victor Steinberg.

My grand mother's name was Celia GOLDSTEIN born 1901 & passed 1986. Her mothers
name ( my great grand mother ) Olge (LEVITT) Goldstein born 1879- 1956. She was
married to Louis Goldstein 1865-1938.

My great great grand mother was Rose Levitt born 1855. If anyone has any info that
would help us find where our family came >from we would appreciate any help. All
we know is the family came >from Surnaw, Russia or Ukraine.

Thank you, Jim Statler ( Steinberg )

Jim Statler <jim.statler@...>

We are looking to find where this is in Russia or the Ukraine.

Please & Thank you.

Jim Statler