searching LDS Records #general

Sarah L Meyer

Shalom Amit,
I just returned >from Salt Lake and spent 4 days looking at Polish records
in the Family history library. There is an Icon that toggles between a full
size image and thumbnails.
If you have the film number >from JRI Poland or another source, you should
have some or all of the following information:
Year, Type of record (Birth Marriage or Death), Town, District (if a large
city such as Warsaw) and an AKT number.
The first picture in the film should have something in English in capital
letters saying film #, the second one will have the town, year and
district(s) -and the possibly birth marriage and death (for me this was in
Polish). If this is the right town, year, district and type of record, look
for the AKT number - which may be a numeral or written out in words in the
relevant language - I missed some last week because 95% of what I was
looking for had numerals - and it took all week to figure out that the
others had the number written out in words. If it is not the right year or
something else is wrong, look at the thumbnails until you see another
thumbnail that looks like the second one with the label. When you find the
right year, district and record type search for that number. Be sure to
check the record for your names, because sometimes there may be two or more
records with the same number. Good luck to you. Also occasionally I found
that the film number was wrong, If you do not find the record, search their
catalogue and see if it might be on another film.

Sarah Lee Meyer Christiansen
Georgetown TX
possibly Lithuania)

From: Amit N <amitna87@...>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 21:13:54 +0300


I believe I have found a record on an LDS film that might be of interest to
me. I think I have located the right film on My question
is, how do I find the exact record among the 485 photos in there? Is there a
clue or should I just search one by one?

Thank you,
Amit Naor

Dee Seligman <deesel91@...>

Thank you to David Oseas and Sarah Lee Meyer Christiansen for their
helpful guidance on searching within LDS database! Very useful to me.

Dee Seligman
San Francisco