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Jan Meisels Allen <janmallen@...>

Farra Isaacson asked if there was any information regarding Sochaczew
records being posted soon. I am also very interested in Sochaczew and post
the following responses to help others with the information >from Poland:

Earlier in the year I wrote to the Warsaw Archives asking about the location
of any metrical or census records for Sochaczew. I also wrote to the mayor
and chairman of the city council of Sochaczew. I have been previously
advised that there are no metrical records for Sochaczew. The information
from JRI-Poland's Stan Diamond recently about the "fumigation" problem
effects the access for some months on those records that the Warsaw Archive
referred to. Below is a copy of the translation that Peter Jassem kindly
provided me of the response >from the Warsaw archives. I have also included
the response >from the Sochaczew mayor - which was also kindly translated by
Peter. Please note that the two places they refer me to: The Jewish
Historical Institute does not have any Sochaczew records- I had contacted
them previous to writing the letter to Sochaczew and the Sochaczew Committee
in Israel is the committee that wrote the Yizkor Book on Sochaczew which is
in the process of being translated- the Hebrew is all done and on
JewishGen's Yizkor Book website. I am the coordinator of the Sochaczew
Yizkor Book translation project. Funds are needed to continue with
translating the Yiddish portions..

Warsaw Archives Letter:

"In reference to our previous correspondence regarding the local census
books >from Stawiski and Sochaczew we kindly inform you that the branch of
Bialystok State Archives in Lomza (assigned on territorial basis to hold
Stawiski records) does not have any records >from this locality.

As for Sochaczew, in the set of records of the Chancellery of the Governor
of Warsaw included in the holdings of the Warsaw State Archives >from the
years 1830-1900 (the period mentioned in your letter) we found only a list
of foreigners living in the administrative district of Sochaczew in 1892.
(Other materials refer mostly to the 20th Century.) We attach a print from
the database that shows information about all materials related to the
census of inhabitants of Sochaczew, which are kept by the Polish State

We would like to apologize for the delay in answering your letter,


Sochaczew town Prov. of. Skierniewice
House registration books
Period: 1943-1947
Archive: 81 Warsaw State Archives, Branch in Zyrardow
Set of records #: 90 Records of the Town of Sochaczew
Number of archival units: 13 Call number: 318-328, 421-422

Sochaczew town Prov. of. Skierniewice
Books of migration of population (coming to and leaving the town)
Period: 1934-1939
Archive: 81 Warsaw State Archives, Branch in Zyrardow
Set of records #: 90 Records of the Town of Sochaczew
Number of archival units: 3 Call number: 309-311

Sochaczew town Prov. of. Skierniewice
Index for book of inhabitants
Period: no dates
Archive: 81 Warsaw State Archives, Branch in Zyrardow
Set of records #: 90 Records of the Town of Sochaczew
Number of archival units: 1 Call number: 72

Sochaczew district Prov. of. -
List of foreigners living in the Sochaczew district
Period: 1892
Archive: 72 Warsaw State Archives
Set of records #: 1416 Chancellery of the Governor of Warsaw
Number of archival units: 1 Call number: 529

Sochaczew land Prov. of. -
General poll-tax register
Period: 1662, 1673-1674
Archive: 01 AGAD [Central Archives of Old Records]
Set of records #: 7 Archives of Crown Treasury p.1
Number of archival units: 1 Call number: 70


Mayor of the City of Sochaczew
File number

Your address

We cannot process your request for 1800-1930 records. Our Vital Records'
Office has no Jewish records. Some single records were recreated in court
and written into our books. To receive information about them one has to
provide name, birth, marriage or death date and prove to be a relative or
legal representative of the researched person.

We also inquired on your behalf at the "Museum of Sochaczew Region and Bzura
Battle" and with persons knowledgeable in such research. As a result we
suggest contacting the following two institutions that may have some
information for you:

1. Jewish Historical Institute in Poland
/address/ -
(I suggest to address your letter to the attention of Yale Reisner - Peter)
2. World Union of Jews >from Sochaczew in Israel
/address and contact name/


Jan Meisels Allen
Agoura Hills, CA

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Stanley Diamond

In a message dated 12/8/00 1:18:30 PM EST, writes:

The information
>from JRI-Poland's Stan Diamond recently about the "fumigation" problem
effects the access for some months on those records that the Warsaw
Archive referred to
Dear friends:

Here is a brief overview of the situation regarding the Index volume to
the Sochaczew Books for Residents that were in use at the end of
the 19th century. If the Index volume is similar to those >from other
towns, it will have the name of each resident, grouped with other
family members (by house and page number) and the year of birth.
Note: The actual registers with detailed information have not survived

For more information on Polish Books of Residents, see the current
edition of Avotaynu.

I discussed the entire issue of the holdings in the now closed Zyrardow
archives with the Exec. Director of the PSA during a meeting in late
October. The archive branch was closed several years ago and all the
books were moved to Kutno for storage including the above-mentioned
Sochaczew Books of Residents Index volume. But, it seems that in
the (movement to) new surroundings, the dormant bacteria came to life!

Thus, it was necessary to move all the books formerly held in
Zyrardow to a commercial fumigation service in Wroclaw. I.e. the
major fumigation and preservation program recently undertaken
by the PSA requires more capacity than they have in house.

The existence of an index (only) to the Sochaczew Books of
Residents is a great find and will be a goldmine when it becomes
available for research. It and the other volumes originally in
Zyrardow will be moved to the new Archives in Grodzisk
Mazowiecki when the fumigation has been done but because
of construction and cataloguing, etc., it is estimated that it
will be late spring before access will be possible.

This is one I personally am staying on top of and you can be
sure i will let everyone know as soon as I receive more

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland


Does anyone know if there will be any records of Sochaczew and the
surrounding area being transcribed anytime soon?

Thanks for your help!

Farra Isaacson

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