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We are posting this message on behalf of Reina Benaderet de Navarro . The
message was received in Spanish. This is the translation:

<< I am searching for any relatives of my grandfather Sigmund MARKEWICZ (
Zigmund Markiewitz Brosca in some documents), born on 8 of July, 1903 in
the town of Sosnovicz. His father's name was Moises MARKEWICZ or
MARKOWICZ. and his mother Blima BROSCA. I believe my father lived for
some time in Oberchlesin , Poland.

I never knew much about my grandfather's family and much of the information
I have was obtained through the Polish Embassy in Montevideo. According to
them my grandfather had a brother called Jacobo Mayer Markowicz born in
1901, married to Estela Malka LIBUMECZ. They had two sons Moises Markowicz
born in 21/09/1929 and Frimeta Markowicz born in 31/12/1930.

The Polish Embassy official also said that there was a Concentration Camp
in Sosnoviz and most of the Jews of that town perished there and only some
managed to escape.

The reason we learned this is that my mother received a letter >from
Switzerland about claiming an account (In re Holocaust Victim Assets
Litigation) . We had never made any claims and could not understand how
they found us. This prompted us to go to the Polish Embassy to find out
about my grandfather.

I hope you can help me find any family that survived the Holocaust or their
descendants. Thank You and Shalom.
Reina Benaderet de Navarro >>

Translator's note: Towns / Countries are as spelled in the original message.

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