Subject: Given names Moszek and Motel #poland

Erez Gotlieb <erezgot@...>

Formally, Moszek and Motel are different names.
Moszek is Moshe, or Moses, and Motel is Mordechai. As
these are nicknames, however, anything is possible.

More likely, though, is that someone made a mistake.
Motel (Mordechai) is alternatively "Mordche" or
"Modche" which can be easily confused with Moszek or

Erez Gotlieb

Subject: Given names Moszek and Motel
From: "Greg Tuckman" <GRTuckman@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 08:41:09 -0700
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My third great grandfather's death record in Lublin,
Poland indicates he was
survived by a son, Moszek BLONES, born and living in
Lublin. I can find no
records on Moszek, but I am able to easily trace
Motel BLONES. Can the
given names Motzek and Motel be considered one and
the same? Thanks for
your help.

Greg Tuckman
Tempe, AZ USA