Lezajsk (Lezhensk) #poland

Moishe Pariser


Does anyone have an index or pictures of the Tombstones & Lapidarium
(Matzevot on a wall) at the Jewish cemetery in Lezajsk (Lezhensk) ?

Thank you

Moishe Pariser

Fred Kolbrener


Did you ever get a reply to your question about the Lezajsk Cemetery?  I was there in 2018 and have photos. 


Fred Kolbrener
Woodbridge, VA

Researching: KOLBRENER (LezaJsk); SCHWARTZ (Glogow Malapolski); ZINDEBAND (Minsk); LIFSHITZ (St Petersburg); JABELOW (Minsk); BOHRER (Lezajsk); POLLACK (Minsk); BLUMSTEIN/BLUMSZTEJN (Goworowo); FRETER/FRATER (Czyzewo)