blocking point in my research in Tuszyn #poland

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Dear researchers,

Few years ago I finished checking the microfilm 747955 for Tuszyn (near
Lodz) and I found strange things concerning the lastname I'm interested in.

I'm totally sure that Wolek LECZYCKI married in 1855 and 1857 is my
gg-grandfather because his name and the names of his children match my
grandfather memory (93 years now). In the first marriage record, he was the
son of Szlama and Gitla Dawidowicz (I don't know if it's the lastname or the
father's firstname). The father was dead in 1855.

In 1835 the birth record for Wolek LECZYCKI: son of Szlama (53 years, "cap
maker" sorry I don't know the name in English for this occupation) and Gitla
Dawidowicz, 44years). The age in the marriage record (1855 and 1857) and
names match. So it's probably my gg-grandfather record. It's important for
the rest of this message, Wolek was tailor with sheep skins.

Now there are others records in those years and it makes me completely
mixed-up :

September 1827 : birth of Icek Leczycki son of Szlama (56 years, sheep
skins tailor) and Glika Szwarc (42 years)
July 1830 : birth of Szandel Fajgie Leczycki daughter of Szlama (cap
maker, 56 years) and Gitla Szwarc (44 years)
February 1833 : death of Wolf Leccycki (71 years old, sheep skins
tailor), maybe my gggg-grandfather, father of Szlama, grandfather of Wolek
May 1835 : birth of Wolek Leczycki, son of Szlama (53 years, cap maker)
and Gitla Dawidowicz (44 years)
June 1839 : marriage of Ryfka Leczycki daughter of Szlama (cap maker)
and Gitla
December 1843 : death of Malka Leczycki (85 years), the witness was
Szlama Leczycki, cap maker, 70 years
April 1847 : marriage of Rajzla, daughter of Szlama and Glika
July 1847 : death of Szlama Leczycki, sheep skins tailor, 65 years,
husband of Glika
December 1847 : marriage of Icek, 20 years, son of Szlama (dead) and
1848 : birth of Majer Szlama son of Herszl (cap maker, 23ans), he maybe
named his son after Szlama death of 1847)
1849 : marriage of Fajga Leczycki, daughter of Szlama (dead) and Glika
1855 : marriage of Wolek Leczycki son of Szlama (dead) and Gitla
1857 : marriage of Wolek Leczycki son of Szlama (dead) and Gitla, his
first wife dead just after the previous marriage
1860 : birth of Szlama first son of Wolek

So as you can see the names Glika, Gitla, the occupations are mixed-up and
the ages are inconsistent. So there is maybe two possibilities :

- only one Szlama and Gitla (or Glika) with the children : maybe Herszl and
Ryfka, Rajzla, Icek, Fayga, Wolek), Szlama was cap maker during the summer,
sheep tailor during the winter, but there are discrepancies with ages

- at least two couples but I found only one death record for a Szlama
I didn't find any death records for Gitla or Glika Leczycki.

I know that some years are missing, that the consistency of the data at that
time isn't very good but I'm a little bit frustrated at this stage. I'm
pretty sure there was only one family but I can't prove it.
Is there a census for this city in this period ? how can I find additional
information for clarifying this situation ?

Happy new year

Best regards
Joachim Modern (France) <wyzansky@...>

but there are discrepancies with ages
There almost always are discrepancies with ages in these records. My
grandparents were >from Lithuania and their ages are all over the map >from
record to record. It was not as important to them as it is to us - no
Social Security or Medicare eligibility at 65 so once someone was past bar/
bas mitzvah they really didn't pay much attention to age. Even here in the
U.S., one woman in my family aged only seven years every 10 year census
cycle :).

Harold Wyzansky
Cherry Hill, NJ