KOPYTO Sent to Vilnius Orphanage #poland

Noam Silberberg <noam.silberberg@...>

Maya KOPYTO was born in 1941 in VILNIUS or WARSAW.
Her parents, Moshe KOPYTO and Rachel Lea ZYLBERBERG fled >from WARSAW
She was sent to an orphanage in VILNIUS sometime between 1941-1943.
Both her parents were killed in VILNIUS in 1943.

Are there any records >from Vilnius orphanages during the war?
Is there a way to find out what happened to Maya?

Thank you,

Noam Silberberg

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

The Internet is a rich resource for locating references for Jewish
orphanages which were established pre-World War I, during World War II
and post-World War II in Lithuania. Some of these references can be
found at YIVO in New York, others in various books and other resources
includng JewishGen. Sometimes, the orphanages were called kinder hois
or kinder heim and you can find them that way.

One reference I found some time ago and posted about then was for the
Kovner Yidisher Kinderheim. It was found in the records of the Kupishok
Benevolent Society in Cape Town, SA. Evidently, the Society had sent
money to the orphanage after World War II.

There was a listing of 108 children with the names of their parents, where
they were >from originally and their year of birth. Of course, not all of
the information was provided for each child.

An example of what is found in this listing is the orphaned SAPLICKI family
of five children, all born in Kaunas, Lithuania, whose parents were Sholom
and Rose: Genie, born 1934, Malka, born 1935, Moshe and Sheine (twins), who
were born 1936, and Chone, born 1938.

Another family of children in the orphanage were the STOLIARSKI family, no
parents' names given, all born in Salakas, Lithuania: Avrom, born 1935,
Eda, born 1936, and Reise, born 1940.

Two other families were those of WAINER >from Taurage, Lithuania, whose
parents were not listed: Yankel, born 1938 and Raine, born 1940; and ZIMAN
from Lazdijai, Lithuania. whose parents were not listed: Sheine and Shmuel
(twins), who were both born 1937.

There were even three children listed who had no first name at all, but
their parents names were provided: Zalman and Freda GITLIN's child;
Rachmiel and Dina LACHOWITZKY's child; and Dovid and Slave SHNEIDER's child.

The shtets represented in this listing were the following: Dusetos,
Daugavpils, Janova, Kenigsberg, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Krekenava, Kretinga,
Lazdijai, Oriol, Panevezys, Prienai, Raiseniai, Riga, Salakas, Shantz,
Siauliai, Taurage, Vandziogale, Viesintos, Vilnius, Vilkaviskis, Vitebsk,
Ukmerge, and Utena.

All in all, these references can provide valuable clues to the whereabouts
of relatives.

Ann Rabinowitz

MandJMeyers <mandjmeyers@...>

Anne (or anyone else with access to this orphanage information)
This is a long shot but the shtetlach names you mention hit close to
home, along with the S. African link.

Were there any ROZENSZTEJN children listed? I am searching for children
who lived in Kenigsberg and presumably moved in with family in Janowa
after their parents died. The father Aharon R was a wine merchant in
Kenigsberg. One son, name unknown, supposedly moved to S. Africa. Another
went to London (David R), Naftali R stayed in Poland as did a fourth
brother (name unknown).

Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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