Unfamiliar Holocaust terminology - help needed #poland

Martin Davis <dawidowicz@...>

Elaine Farran wrote: A very small portion of our Lodz family members managed
to survive WWII. Their last known locations are listed as Feldafing, Pasing,
and Buchberg - all places or terms with which I am not familiar.

Feldafing, Pasing, and Buchberg were subsidiary camps of Dachau
Concentration Camp and held inmates >from various locations - including those
deported >from Poland. See the World Jewish Congress catalogue at
for more detailed information about survivors data held.

Martin Davis
London (UK)

Stephen Weinstein

Feldafing was a displaced person's camp.

Pasing is a part of Munich.

Buchberg looks like Buckeburg, described at
as a town in Germany "29 miles WSW of Hannover. Previously, capital of
principality of Schaumburg-Lippe. Today: in Landkreis Schaumburg,
Lower Saxony."
However, Wikipedia lists many other places named Buchberg, primarily
in Bavaria, but also lower Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, etc.,
so it could be any of them.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA, USA