Researching Sobieski and Boyarska family from Grodzisk Wielkopolski #poland

Danielle Steffen DeCruz-Sanchez

Hi Sergio,

My husband Hugo is a descendant of Lucia Teodosia Sobiech and Frederik Magofke, from Anna Magofke Sobiech, that married Nicolas Oyarce. His line is:
Lucia + Frederick > Anna
Anna Magofke + Nicolas Oyarce > Hilda Oyarce Magofke
Hilda Oyarce + Luiz Cruz > Hugo Cruz Oyarce (my father in law).
We discovered during the pandemic a lot about Lucia Sobiech. There is a dedicated group on Facebook for the Sobiech family, and a book was published about their genealogy, going back to the 1700s and more. I can give you more information.
Our tree is on Geneanet:; look for the branch that has "Anna Martha Caroline Magofke Sobiech" on my husband's side.
About the Magofke surname: we were, right this weekend, analyzing a lot of documents about this name. We had stopped at a dead end with Gottfried, it seemed he appeared from thin air at the beginning of the XIX century. Our assumption was the surname was changed when they arrived in Chile, but no, Gottfried, Friederick's father, already had Magofke as his surname. At least on Caroline Ehling Magofke's death certificate. When you look at their marriage records, his surname has a different calligraphy. German calligraphy changed a lot during the XIX century, and the "f" on Magofke was something else, probably a letter that had the sound of "st", one of the several sounds for s in German. So we searched for Magoski, and we found more records, in the same region nearby Poznan, that date for at least one century more.
About the religion: still under research.
Please contact me so I can show you the material we have about the Sobiech family and present you to Daniel, the manager of the Facebook group.
Kind regards,
Danielle Steffen DeCruz-Sanchez

Sergio <sergom@...>

Dear friends,

My name is Sergio Gomez, and I've just joined the group. I have been
doing genealogy research for a little time, less than a few months.
I'm just a beginner in my Polish Jewish Genealogy research.

I live in Santiago, Chile. My native language is Spanish but I'm
fluent in English and I have some command in German.

With your help, I want to explore as far as I could my mother's line
that comes >from Poland. I have identified the names and birth and
death dates of my grand mother, Olga Hauck Magofke, who was born and
died in Chile, my great great mother Agnes Magofke (Makofska) Sobieska
who arrived to Chile in 1884 when she was 2 years old after being born
in Berlin. And of my great great great mother Lucia Teodosia Sobieska
Boyarska (born on May 22nd 1846) daughter of Wojciech Sobieski (died
on 1853) and Rozalia Boyarska (died 1855). I've been told that they
where >from the town near Poznan, Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

Wojciech participated in the 1848 uprising and was in jail because of
this dying a few years after his release >from prision.

Lucia Teodosia and her husband Wilhelm Magofki (Makofski) and their
four sons;Constanca (6 years old), Anna (4 years old), Agnes (2 years
old) and Alfred (one year old) left to Chile >from Hamburg on November
14th 1884, in the ship named Chester that stopped first at Grimsby and
after to Liverpool to head to Cape Horn and turn North to Talcahuano
where they got off to start a long road to his final
destination:Traiguen, there they were given land by the Chilean
government as settlers in the same way as many others that arrived in
those years.

I have no further information about Lucia Teodosia's parents: Wojciech
and Rozalia. She got orphan when she was very little and I was told
that she was appointed a tutor after that, so all the how's and when's
of her before arriving to Berlin and to Chile remain unknown. They've
brought with them though several Jewish customs: matzo balls, pickles,
eggs boiled with onion skins etc. that made me look for my Jewish

So I want to reconnect with the Jew line that I feel is there. My
primary research goals then are to find out about Lucia Teodosia and
her parents Rozalia Boyarska and Wojciech Sobieski and back on time.

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 779475

With much gratitude,