Ricardo IMMERWAHR -- Berlin and Rio de Janeiro #latinamerica

Stephen Falk <sfalkjd@...>

I am looking for information on my mother's second cousin Richard
Hermann Otto IMMERWAHR who was born in Berlin on 14 October 1904. It
appears that he emigrated in about 1937 and settled in Rio de Janeiro.
In Brazil, he was known as Richardo German Otto IMMERWAHR. >from a
later passenger list, it is clear that Richard / Ricardo was still
alive in 1957.

I have found a few references online >from Brazilian published records.

I do not know if he was still affiliated with the Jewish community
when he lived in Brazil.

I have not been able to determine whether Richard / Ricardo was ever
married or had children; I guess he did not, but I do not know. And I
have not been able to learn when he died.

All the best,
Stephen Falk
Point Roberts, WA, USA