Subject: Info Korsovka Karsava #latvia

Evelyn Waldstein

Eugene Taviv asked:
Are there some photos of Jewish cemetery in Korsovka (Karsava) Latvia.
My grandfather and grandmother >from my mother side are buried there.
Does somebody else have some information on Korsovka and Jewish population
there ZALKIND(s)/SALKIND Haim born 1886 and EIDELSON Hana born 1882.
I have good news for you. Last August a group of our "Association
of Latvian Jews in Israel" under the guidance of Eli Valk jointly visited
their home town Korsowka / Karsava.

The cemetery before this visit has been taken care off by a local resident
for a certain fee. Tomb stones have been photographed. Back home in Israel
people interested in Korsowka and the cemetery met at our club. A photo
album with pictures of tomb stones has been presented.

More information and prewar photographs of Korsowka residents have been
collected by our association member Meri Edelman / Katzovitch. This material
is in preparation for our Latvian archives at Shfayim and future publication
on the Internet on a relevant website in hope people interested may not only
use it for their needs but also donate relevant material >from their personal

Evelyn Waldstein (former Latvia now Israel)

Maurine Starr <maurine5@...>

is it possible that Korsowka (karsava) could be "krislava"....?
My gm application for naturalization shows "krislava" as her
place of birth.

Maurine Starr
researching: Vilna, Trakai, Daugavpils, Krislava
Indurski, Kogan, Cohen

Have you tried JewishGen's Shtetlseeker?
My guess is that your town is what is to day Kraslava.