LINN, Carl or Jacob Paul #latvia

Kathryn Kendall <kendallishere@...>

I am the granddaughter of Jacob Paul LINN, Sr., born April 2, 1889 in
Riga, died when he went down with his ship, the SS Leslie, torpedoed
by German U-123 on April 12, 1942. He was a seaman before he first
entered the USA, via Buenos Aires, in 1909. My grandfather settled in
Detroit and earned his citizenship there. But he had a brother, Karl
or Carl, who also came to the USA.

Jacob Paul married a Gentile, Hildegarde REAMY, and did not raise his
children Jewish. I am trying to establish whether he himself was
Jewish. I think he was. I'm not certain.

Does anyone know anything about Jacob Paul LINN or his brother Carl
(or Karl) LINN, who may have come to the USA with him, and who
apparently ended up somewhere in California? I have no information at
all about Carl/Karl and would very much like to locate his descendents
and to discover whether he reared his children as Jewish.

Kathryn Linn Kendall