Bailen #latvia

Sue Levy

Rosalie, I think Wikipedia will
give you useful information about Irving Berlin (Baline) and his early life,
which sounds pretty grim. But he may not be connected to your family since
he seems to have been born in Belarus.

There are bound to be many other online sources as well.

Sue Levy
Perth, Australia

Paul Silbert <msilbert@...>

The surname Bailen is a matronymic (ie. derived >from the mother's name)
meaning "son of Beile" in Russian. It probably comes >from the eastern
areas of Belarus, which was part of the former Grand Duchy of
Lithuania. In those areas an estimated 1/3 of all Jewish surnames were

Paul Silbert
Perth, Western Australia

Grinbaum <shoshg@...>

Dear Rosalie,

May be Bailen came >from Balvi ( Bolwen in German) - small shtetl in
Latgale, Latvia with Yiddish pronunciation and small changes - >from Balvi.
It was in Vitebskaya Gubernia - Vitebsk province. Vitebsk today is
Belarus, but a big part of the province belongs to Latvia.

Shoshana (Rosalie) Grinbaum, Israel
LOTZOV, LOTSOF, LATZOV, Rezekne/Ludza, Latvia/ USA/South Africa
NEVLER, Kraslava, Latvia
POTASH, POTASHNIA, Rezekne, Latvia / South Africa
FELDMAN, Pasvalys, Lithuania

Michael Moz

At the Raduraksti site (the site of Latvian Archives) there are 1897 All-Russia Census lists for Dvinsk.

As I have said already there is Russian index for those lists at the Russian-language Jewiish Genealogy Forum.
I have found only one Beilin family there but it seems that it is THE family.

The list can be seen at the following link:
(View pages 790 and 792 there)

The family members are as follows:

At page 790:
1. Yosel Beilin son of Israel, 43 years, born in Mstislavl (of Mogilev Gubernia), owner of selzer water factory
2. Tauba daughter of Aaron, 35, born in Vitebsk, wife of Yosel Beilin
3. Israel, 11, born in Dvinsk, son of Yosel Beilin
4. Aron, 7, born in Dvinsk, son of Yosel Beilin
5. Meylach, 4, born in Dvinsk, son of Yosel Beilin
6. Vera, 14, born in Dvinsk, daughter of Yosel Beilin
7. Chaya, 13, born in Dvinsk, daughter of Yosel Beilin
8. Rosalia, 12, born in Dvinsk, daughter of Yosel Beilin
9. Esther-Rocha, 8, born in Dvinsk, daughter of Yosel Beilin
10. Yenta, 1, born in Dvinsk, daughter of Yosel Beilin

At page 792:
11. Beilin Dveira daughter of Leyb, 18, born in Mstislavl, unmarried, niece of Yosel Beilin (two servants of the family are also listed).

At the page 784 one can see the address: Kiyevskaya street 46 (the Beilins lived in apt #3)

At the Ellis-Island site there is arrival record (dated 1905) of Israel and Rosalie Beilin >from Dwinsk (brother and sister aged 19 and 18) which matches the family >from the Census list.

I hope it helps.


I explained as much to another Litvak Sig member who contacted me. My grandfather
came (as per Ellis Island ship manifests) >from Dvinsk, Latvia/Russian Federation ...
or a shtetl near by ...but the name does not show up in any of the area birth, death
or divorce documents. Still, I keep searching.

Thanks for the response.

Rosalie Donadio


thank you for a great lead. Another "Rosalie" was never mentioned ...
perhaps she passed away (young) and I was "given" the name in 1938 ...
I will pursue this. Thank you again.


Thank you for your response. The members are so amazing; I have learned
a great deal and how I regret not asking more questions when I was young.
My grandfather and I spent so much time together ... he taught me old
Yiddish folk songs, but never talked about his youth. Again thank
you ... so many >from "down under" seem to be of Litvak origin .. and I just
thought most went to either Boston or Johannesburg : )


thank you,I will attempt searching this area ... year ago, I would just
ask how they would say "butter" ... and I would know if it was the shtetl
I was searching for.


I had friends whose surname was Bailyn and they had traced their origin back
to Spain, but found that tracing the family here in the U.S. or other
countries was difficult because of the variations of the spelling of the
name and people not being sure of a connection.

Anita Drexler
Houston, Texas
MODEL/MODELL and BERLIN Vitebsk, Belarus and Riga, Latvia
YURKANSKY(and variations), AKERMAN and MURASHKIN Vilnius and Eisiskes, Lithuania

Michael Moz

There are two records about the burth of two brothers of Israel Beilin.
You can see details at Cristine's site:

1. Aron Beilin, born 05 Aug 1890

2. Meylach (Melekh) Beilin, born 08 Oct 1892

There is also birth record of another brother, Abram-Isaak born 09 May 1891 but since he is not listed in 1897 census he must have died as infant.

As I wrote in my previous message, Iosel Beilin (Israel's father) was born and was registered in Mstislavl in 1853 or 1854.
According to Miriam Weiner's site ( the 1858 revision list for this town have survived and are stored in NATIONAL HISTORICAL ARCHIVES OF BELARUS IN MINSK. It means that Iosel Beilin's family must be listed there.

You may try to found more information in that archive (I have no idea how much it may cost).


Now that spelling is a new one ... to be added to my growing list. What I
find inexplicable is that the spelling of Bailen ... used for decades by
my uncles and mother was initially (on her birth certificate) spelled Beilin.
I have limited investigatory powers ... so I will continue ... waiting
for a "eureka" moment.


Thank you for your help Michael; it is very much appreciated.