latvia digest: July 07, 2012 #latvia

Michael Moz

I cannot agree with the negative reaction on the 1897 Census for Dvinsk database announcement.

For each record >from Dvinsk there is a link to the file at the Raduraksti site (the site of Latvian
State Archive) and the page in this file is also given. So one can look there and see if there are
additional family members.

Yes, the lists are in Russian - but if You know exactly what family do you need, You can ask for
help in translation.

The real problem is that the database may be not complete. For example I did not find there my
Grandfather's family (his surname was Moz) though the census list does exists and I have found
it before when I had searched the files on the Raduraksti site.

Maybe it is occasional mistake (which is inevitable for such amount of records) but maybe it
means that the work was indeed not complete.

But the great problem is with Riga Census lists (which are in the edatabase for several years already).

First, there are no links or even files numbers (not to speak about page numbers!)

Second, and this is much worse, the Riga census database is really not complete one and this fact
is not mentioned anywhere!

When I say "not complete" I do not mean that not all the lists survived. We can do nothing with this
sad fact (only some 30% of the lists survived compared with almost 100% >from Dvinsk).

But even those Riga lists that survived are indexed only partially !! For example, I was searching
for the Berkowits/Berkowitsch family. There are about a dozen lists with this surname (once
again, I have searched all the Riga files at Raduraksti) but only half of them appear in the Database!

With respect, Michael Moz,
Maale-Adumim, Israel.