My father's birthplace #lithuania

haim harutz <yairharu@...>

I have a minor problem regarding my father's birthplace. When I was a kid,
my father told me that he was born and grew up in a Lithuanian village
called Shmantze (Simonys). He also told me that his brother was killed by
the Nazis during WW2 in a nearby village called Kupishik (Kupiskis) - when
he (my father) and another brother were living in a village in South

However, I got into an argument about this matter with a distant relative
(on my paternal Grandfather's side), who claimed that my father's family
was >from Kupiskis and NOT >from Simonys. On the other hand, another distant
relative (on my paternal grandmother's sside) claimed that the family was
from Simonys. My sister, however, claims that, as far as she knows, my
father was >from Kupiskis.

I later found my father's South African naturalization certificate, on
which it was written that he was born in Simonys. My relative who claimed
that my father was >from Kupiskis, said that this was incorrect, as there
was frequently a lot of confusion as to which village peeople were really
born in. He was probably born in Kupiskis, but registered as having born
in Simonys because his mother was originally >from that town..

The question is, whom do I believe? Do I believe my father, his
naturalization certificate, and my one cousin, who is well known in the
genealogy field, or my sister and my other cousin who is also well known in
the genealogy field?
Is there some way of actually checking this out?

I may mention here, that I recently met an old man aged 95, who was a
contemporary of my father (who would have been 93, had been alive today).
This man was originally >from Kupiskis, now living in Israel. This man
claims that he never knew my father or his family. Does this mean that my
father was not >from Kupiskis, but >from Simonys? Maybe, being elderly, the
old man just has a bad memory, although he did not give that impression. He
recalled other people, whom I knew, perfectly well.

Anyone who could help me sort out this confusion will be gratefully
thanked. If any of you out there came >from one of these villages and knew
my family, maybe you could help me.

Or maybe it isn't all that important, these two villages being ten or
fifteen miles away >from each other.

All the best,
Chaim Charutz (originally Choritz) - Petach Tikva, Israel.