litvaksig Digest - V01 #316 #lithuania

Judith Diamond <j.diamond@...>

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 22:38:55 EDT
Subject: To Those Who Are Lost!!

From: Mr J M Berman <Zah1@...>
Could someone please explain to me what the following mean:Uezd - Im lost
Gubernyia - I assume this is a district ?
What exactly are the Revision lists, who compiled them etc ?
I keep seeing references to people spending money on records, can one simply
buy these ? If so How
Suggestion: You live in London, England. You should join the London Jewish
Genealogical Society. There you will find not only the answers to your
questions but a lot more besides. If you are already a member, evidently you
have not been to their meetings.

Checking through my old emails I see this comment above to you.

I see >from the membership list of the JGSGB that we have a member Jonathon
living in Surrey. Am I right that this is you? Not living in London must
make it difficult to get to meetings!

However I should draw your attention to the new Lithuanian Special Interest
Group of the society which had its first meeting 3 weeks ago.

The next meeting will be on a Sunday in October or November which may help
you to get there.
In any case we hope to circulate all members of the group with information
that might not otherwise reach them, and reports of the meetings.
I will add your name to that list unless you object, and hope we may see you
at some time

Best wishes for your research

Judith Diamond!