Institute for Righteous Gentiles #lithuania


Dear Saul,

Thank you for the kind postings concerning the Institute for Righteous
Gentiles. Some of the facts are outdated in the "Los Angeles Times" article of
1996. To keep up with inflation we now send $400 per year. The government
pensions for this people now are about $50-$75 (200 - 300 Litai) per month.
Unfortunately, the purchasing power of the Litas is constantly failing and
their pension is always lagging. (The exchange rate with the dollar has stayed
at about 4 Litai to the Dollar since the Litas was introduced in 1993.)

Despite the fact that we are dealing with an aging population, with several
passing away every year, we have identified and authenticated a few new ones.
In general we do not support the children of the Righteous unless they were
old enough to understand and participated in the saving of Jews. There were
10 year olds who brought food to the Jews in hiding, etc. and they qualify.
The exception is that we supplement the pensions of the children even if they
were too young to be of any help in the rescue effort, if their parents were
killed by the Lithuanian Nationalists (Forest Brothers; Mishkenai) after the

Ben Lesin, M.D.
Encino, CA