Shraga Fayvel #lithuania

Lawrence R. Hamilton <lhamilton@...>

In response to Barry Spinak's question, I was too flippant in calling
"Shraga Fayvel" the "candle name." Shraga is a Hebrew word (really,
originally an Aramaic word) meaning "lamp." Fayvel is a diminutive of
Fayvush, which is the Yiddish version of the Latin name Phoebus, which
is derived >from the Greek word for "light."

Larry Hamilton


Do you suppose that Shraga is synonomous with Fishel? My
grandfather's name was Abraham Fishel but on my parents' Ketuba, his
name, written in Hebrew letters, was Shraga. This wasn't discovered
until 23 years after my grandfather's death. The family assumed that
the Rabbi who filled out the information had made a mistake. Just
wondering. Gerre Wade


I would guess that the Yiddish Feivel could have been mixed-up with Fishel.

Rich Wolpoe
Teaneck , NJ

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