Parcelchic (sp?) #lithuania

Sarah M Parker-Allen <lloannna@...>

Hello, my name is Sarah Parker-Allen, I'm new to this whole Jewish
genealogy thing... my mother said that I should join this list because my
father's father's parents both emigrated >from Lithuania....

Anyway, I'm looking in the Jonava (sp?) shtetl for Parcelchics and
Solomons. The ones I'm descended >from left Lithuania sometime after 1880
and before 1909 (since my great-grandparents were born in Lithuania and
my grandfather in the US)... The spelling of names are unknown,
precisely, because at some point somebody changed the name to Parker,
there was no contact with any Solomons after 1912, and the youngest
person who remembers ANYTHING is merely a sister-in-law of the son born
in 1912, and she's 90! I have NO idea how to post this, but I really
don't know how to learn except by doing...

born ca. 1885, Lithuania (spec. location unknown)

born ca. 1884, Jonava, LTU

We know that many others >from the same neighborhood came together,
because they all lived together in NYC on the same block... I can't read
the census (my mom needs to scan it and do something or other to be sure)
to know which street it is... Is this even the right place for a query?
Any information would be helpful...

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen
Columbus, OH
Parcelchic (sp?), Solomon
Jonava, LTU

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