Joselovitz/Salantai #lithuania

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My Klauznik/Fain families came >from Salantai/Plungyan/Darbenai, which are
towns in the NW part of Lithuania. While looking at emigrants >from Salant
for a list I am making, I came across the following names on the Ellis
Island Web Site. They were going to my ggf Shmuel Klauznik/Samuel Klausner
of Brooklyn, whom they listed as their Uncle.

Joschelowitz, Tewje 1908, 20y, male, father = Yossel Joschelowitz of Salant
Josselovitz, Hirsche 1908, 17y, male [I assume they are brothers]

This means that their mother was either a Klauznik >from Salant or a Fain
from Plungyan. I know that Hirsh was named after his grandfather Tsvi Hirsh and was probably called Harold or Harry in the US.
Chances are that they Americanized their names. I am hoping that something
here will be familiar to someone. Thank you for all you help.

I would also highly recommend that people look at Ellis Island manifests for others who are >from the same towns their ancestors are from. You may find, like I have, new relatives that you knew nothing about. I used the Steve Morse site and just put in the Town/sounds like. Up came names of emigrants >from that town after around 1903.

Elaine Cohen, Los Angeles

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My family is also Klauznik, from Joniskis, Siauliai, and Kaunus Lithuania.