restoration of Joniskis synagogues #lithuania

Joe M <joe-mankowitz@...>

My daughter & I had a most rewarding trip to Joniskis in September. We
uncovered the grave of my paternal grandfather, Michal Mankovich, & were
hosted on an informative tour of Jewish Joniskis by members of the Town
Council (this agricultural town has a population of 12,000).

We cannot praise the town Hall officials highly enough for the hospitality & the information that they were able to pass on to us. They also gave us a fascinating essay / dissertation by a local schoolteacher on the history of the Jews in Joniskis & Zagare regions. A translation of this document

We also found out there is a project underway to restore the Joniskis synagogues. More details can be found at <> . I'm not sure how to proceed with this, so will be guided by the response I receive to this email

Joe Mankowitz

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