Kelme #lithuania

Herbert Lazerow

Some Jewish sources use the name Kelm and others
Kelme, which was how my family pronounced it and I
think this is the Yiddish. There seems to be a great
anxiety not to confuse Kelme with Chelm! Is this so?
Are there any Kelmers out there?>
I am a Kelmer (LAZEROVITZ and KESLER families). I have heard it
both ways, but never >from anyone who lived there-- they had all died
before I became interested in genealogy.

Herbert Lazerow
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Judy Simon

My paternal grandmother was >from a large family with the surname
KELMER >from Zychlin, Poland. The earliest record I have for my
KELMER ancestors is Moszek David KELMER, born 1831 in Zychlin. His
father, Jakob was born in Strykow, Poland. One of my KELMER
great-uncles once told me that the family was originally >from Chelm,
and that is how we got the name KELMER. I wish I had asked him if he
knew for sure it was Chelm, or could it have been Kelme. I have never
been able to sort out which town they really came from, and
whichever ancestor left Chelm or Kelme probably left before surnames
were adopted. I am still hoping to find a male KELMER descendant to
have his Y-DNA tested to see where the ancestors of his matches are
from; maybe that would direct my search to one shtetl or the other.
Any other suggestions?

Judy Simon
researching: KELMER, OLSZTAJN >from Zychlin, Poland; LEWKOWICZ from
Skierniewice, Poland; MEZELSJO >from Mszczonow, Poland; BROZGOL,