conscription #lithuania

Joel Levinson

In terms of the conscription question, what I can add to this is that the
oldest male child was exempt >from conscription. I have two examples of
this in my family history.

On one side of the family, my grandfather used his older brother's
passport to flee to the US to avoid conscription. In another example,
a son born to my great-grandparents had the birth listed as being born
to another family in the town, using that family's last name, since they
had no male children. I understand >from a story of his life, written
by a grandson many years later about that happening. Even years
later, it was hard to put the pieces of that together, except that
descendents of the son with a different last name knew the story,
and the families were reunited almost 100 years later.

Joel Levinson
Northridge, CA

Searching: Baskind (Ilya), Levinson (Mariampol), Kottler (listed in
Revision list in Postov, but really lived on a farm/mill outside of town),
Kisber (same as Kottler)


My name is Tim Sherrod.
My father, John Sherrod (aka Jake Schatz) had seven uncles. They all changed
their names and one was Kotler.
 They all came from Postov (Pastavy). Please see the attached family history
for more information.
Feel free to contact me. We are probably cousins.

I can be reached by phone at 970-420-2415 or email at tsherrod001@....