R' Lewis LEVIN, London 1915 #rabbinic

Rachel Poole <rachel.poole3@...>


I am new to this group and have limited experience in researching
family history outside of the UK where I live.

I am trying to find further information on the family of Lewis LEVIN
who was my great grandfather

Like many others he left Russia around about 1880-90 and came to
England with his wife Sarah Rachel. They are known to be living in
Liverpool in 1901 with a daughter Ether, and sons Moses and Nathan.
Lewis is documented as being a preacher.

At some point they went to London where Sarah died in 1915. At that
point they were living in 16 Great Alie Street and I have found that
there was also a synagogue at 40 Great Alie Street at that time. I
know Lewis was a Rabbi.

The synagogue no longer exists - Can anyone help me to find out
whether Lewis was the Rabbi of the Great Alie Street Synagogue,
where he was a Rabbi in Liverpool, or perhaps how to trace him back
through the Russian Archives. Unfortunately we do not have any town

Rachel Poole