Magid's Toldot Michpachat Ginzburg #rabbinic


Toldot Mishpachs Ginzburg is on the website. Incidentally, Rabbi R Brim of Bnei Brak has recently published a book 'Lemaalah Bakodesh' which details the descent of one branch of the family.

Alan Ehrlich

Noticing just now that Jim Bennett's post here is from the JGen archive... and dates from 2004 'jogged' my memory. Sadly, in fact, Jim passed away back in 2015

Alan Ehrlich

Re. David Maggid, "Toledot Mishpechoth Gintzburg,", St. Petersburg, 1899, although there may well be Hebrew phrases mixed in, the copy I have appears to be written in Yiddish.

I too would be very interested to hear of any 'family trees' issued from the information in Maggid's book...

The only one I've come across so far (by David Kaufmann 1898) concerns a single branch: the Öttingen - Ries(s) - Wiener family who are the descendants of Bunlin aka Bona, Bunla, daughter of Simon \ Schimon \ "Seligman" Ulmo - Günzburg:

"Mordechai Model Öttingen und seine Kinder", von Prof. Dr. David Kaufmann   
Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums, 1898
Alan Ehrlich
Geneva, Switzerland


Hi Jim
Did you do y chromosome?
Were you descended on the maternal or paternal side?

Val Ginzburg 

James Bennett <Bennett@...>

I'm seeking a digitalized compilation of the vast GUENZBURG
genealogy that was published 109 years ago by Magid in his book, in

Surely some GINZBURG descendant has made such a tree in a GEDCOM-
compatible software.

I just found out that I'm a GUENZBURG descendant, >from the Schwaben
line: Eizik, son of Zanwil, son of Shimon, in the 16th century.

Jim Bennett