Following female lines #rabbinic

roe kard

Mordechai Perlman wrote:

Another example, Rabbeinu Tam, Rashbam and Rivam are all brothers,
sons of Rabbeinu Meir (Rashi's son-in-law).
The part of me that is a genealogist actively involved in searching
out the so-hard-to-find females, mothers and wives, the ones who
risked their lives in perilous times to give birth to babies, the
ones whose names you find so often in death records as having died
so very, very young in childbirth or shortly after, that part of me
is very disturbed that you choose to mention Rashi and then define
his grandsons only by their father, "Rashi's son-in-law".

Which of Rashi's daughters provided: physical life, the astonishing
maternal influence, the founding consciousness and also the home-
reality that helped these young boys before the men took over their
educations and they became prominent Rabbis and commentators? It's
such a phenomenal project; I hope appropriate attention will be paid
to the females.

I am especially sensitive to this because no one seems to know the
names of the current Belzer Rav, Yissacher Dov II's paternal
grandmother's, mother and grandmother's names. I have family letters
and tapes talking about my father being an "eineckle" of the Belzer
Rav, I have a legal document that names the Rav's orphaned daughter
"Rokart" (rather than "Rokach"), but because of the lack of proper
genealogical documentation, none that I have found so far, we may
never know exactly what the familial relationship is/was. I know that
the Rokart/Rokard's were in Belz before the Rokach's; I know we sold
property to them that was used as Jewish communal property; I know
that the Rav asked my ancestor to leave his Rabbinic post in Most and
move to Belz to be his Shochet, etc. But the mystery of the maternal
ancestry of Reb Yissacher Dov's (I) zt"l 2nd wife, Chaye Devorah a"h,
this may never be solved because of lack of attention to the females.
Enough already.

Karen Roekard
aka Gitel Chaye Eta Rosenfeld Rokart