Bukovina's relavance #romania


Dear Romanian Researchers,

When this group speaks of Romania - how much of the
time is the crown state of Bukovina included?

My family hails >from Czernowitz, Kosow, Vizhnitsa,
Kotsman, Miliye, Putila, Gura Humorului, and Dorna
Vatra. I have NO family >from the Bucharest, Cluj, Dej
areas except for a few who were relocated by the
Romanians after the war - and who made aliyah as soon
as possible. Some relatives drifted north towards the
area of Kolomyya, Galicia [Autro-Hungarian Empire]
during the years 1870-1910.

I read the e-mails faithfully every day there is a
posting, but I seldom see any references to this
sub-Galician area. Was the Jewish population from
this region very small compared to the rest of
Romania? Are there few members interested in this
region? I had the impression that Czernowitz was
considered a "Little Vienna" and that Vizhnitsa was
the center of Chasidism.

Yad Vashem list many, many Bukovinians in the Pages of
Testimony. For just three of my surnames of interest,
[RUBINGER, FESSLER and WEIGEL] there were some 600
entries. OF course, some were duplicate enties and
some were relatives who had moved to Vien & Berlin but

Fellow SIG members - your thoughts please.

Many thanks,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA
Researching [among other] in the Bukovina:

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Marc M. Cohen <marccohen@...>


My situation is similar to yours. Bukovina is highly relevant and
very important. For this reason, I subscribe also to Bruce Reisch's
Czernowitz list. You can contact him at <> to

My mgm's family WEININGER came >from Czernowitz; and KANTORJI & BARAK
from Storozynets in Bukovina (and earlier >from Khotin, Bessarabia).
The Bukovina part has always been very important to me, and for me is
inseparable >from the Moldavia-Bessarabia area, despite the
international borders that now divide them into Romania, Ukraine, and

The WEININGERS were dairy farmers who delivered milk and cheese in
Czernowitz and Storozynets (Think of Teyve in Fiddler). I imagine
their farm was to the WNW of Czernowitz around Drachinets, where
there were many Jewish farmers, including my MGGGF, whose name was
RIBNER or RUEBNER. One member of the RIBNER family raised horses
and sold wagons and equipages for them to pull. There was a related
branch of the WEININGERS in Vienna, but I believe that they
gravitated >from Bukovina to the capital of the Austrian Empire.

I believe the BARAK-KANTORJIS were early Askenazim >from the Rhine
Valley who began migrating eastward in the 1200s or 1300s.

came >from Roman, Iase, and Tirgu Frumos, Romania. My GGF Lazar
ROSENBERG and his brother owned a flour mill in Tirgu Frumos.

Some WEININGERS have shortened their name to WEINER.

All the best.


Marc M. Cohen
Palo Alto, California