Romanian Shtetl #romania


Dear Rom-Siggers:

I have been researching my family history & genealogy for almost 25 years.
Some time ago I found the Shtetl-Village-Town of my great grandfather
on the New York Passenger Lists, 1820 - 1927. The names of the
Shtetl-Village-Town in Romania on the Passenger Lists is Hunbany, Romania.
I have been studying and looking at maps in the Toledo Public Library
Local History & Genealogy Department of Roumania - Romania trying to
find Hunbany, Romania on them without success. Has any Rom-Sig members
ever heard of Hunbany??? Do any Rom-Sigger's have any Mishpauchah in this
Shtetl-Village-Town??? Is there any Rom-Sig members with an old map of
Romania-Roumania that might have Hunbany on it???
I thank you for any information.
Albert Brookenthal
Toledo, Ohio - USA
E-mail: albert@...


Question was for a place named Hunbany, Romania. In fact a close reading of
the manifest (which I found based on Mr. Brookenthal additional info in a
private mail) reveals the place is ROMAN, Roumany (just some wrong
spelling). The key was to notice that the town is listed first and then the

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY