Looking for a grave in Galatz Jewish Cemetery #romania

Yefim Kogan

Dear Romanian Researchers,

I would like to ask people who live in Galatz, Romania or who travels to that
town to help me to get a photo of my great grandfather's grave. His name was
Haim Haimovich (surname), died in 1933. His brother - Srul (Israel) Haimovich
also died in Galatz in 1936.

Does anyone know if there is a website for the Jewish cemeteries in Galarz?
That branch of the family lived in Galatz for some time and children were born
there before the World War II. Are there any Vital records for Galatz

All the best to you,
Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator

Orit Lavi

Dear friends,

Yefim Kogan asked about graves >from Galatz, 1933 - 1936.

As of 2015, the Jewish Community in Galatz maintained hand-written mapping
boards of the cemetery, >from 1940 onwards.
They did not have burial info >from earlier years. As of 2015, older plots of
graves were hardly accessible, and the graves were fully covered with
tangled vegetation.

The Galatz Jewish community kept then a very detailed census >from 1941. They
planned to submit it to Yad Vashem, and I don't know if it was done.

Vital records >from less than hundred years were kept at Biraul Stare Civila
Galati, Str. Traian Block A4. However the officers there were not willing to

Happy holidays,

Orit Lavi
Tsukey Yam, Israel

Omri Shareth <yoshiyahooo@...>


Orit Lavi mentioned in a previous email that the Jewish community of
Galati has information on graves >from 1940 onwards. My
great-great-grandmother Cerna Jeaneta REIDLER was buried in Galati in
1945, and I would like to find information about her grave. How can
contact the Galati community and receive that information?

With thanks,
Omri Shareth
Tqoa, Israel

Looking for:
ROSENBERG - Tragu Neamt, Iasi
WECHSLER / LEIBA / CROITORU - Grumezoaia, Vaslui, Husi, Bucharest

Orit Lavi

Dear friends,

Further to Omri Sharet's inquiry, here is a link to the website of the
Galati Jewish Community, including the contact details:


I have visited there in person and I don't know if they are ready to take
grave photos.
You may also request the details of the cemetery caretaker. Possibly he will
agree to do that. Back in 2015, the caretaker's phone was +40 36 422261.
As far as I recall >from my single visit there, some people know Hebrew in
addition to Romanian, but not English.


Orit Lavi
Tsukey Yam, Israel