New Illustrated Judeo-Spanish/French and French/Judeo-Spanish Dictionary #sephardic


Dear all,

I am glad to inform you of the publication of a new
Judeo-Spanish/French and French/Judeo-Spanish Dictionary prepared by my
father, Isacco Hazan.
It is the first Judeo-Spanish Dictionary published with many illustrations
(old postcards and other records) and comments about the culture, the
meanings, proverbs...
It has been published by the Editions du Divit, former editor of ETSI, the
Sephardi Genealogical and Historical Review.

The "Dictionnaire illustre du judeo-espagnol de Turquie" (Illustrated
Dictionary of Judeo-Spanish language of Turkey) will be presented for the
first time during the 2nd Summer University of Judeo Spanish in Paris (7-12
July 2013) (

Information can be found at

Laurence Abensur-Hazan