looking for relatives RUBENS CAHN in Johannesburg #southafrica

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dear SaSig-ers
my name is Shmuel Rubens, Israeli who lives now in Germany Paderborn.
in my family to which I collect now information we had two people who
went shortly before
the war to south africa, Johannesburg. I am trying to trace them and/or
their decendents.

by searching the cemetry lists >from the Jewish Cemetry Project and
comparing names
and birth dates I think I have traced their graves in the westpark
cemetry Johannesburg.
Do you know maybe if there is some genealogist or family researcher that
can look these
graves for me up and maybe take a picture of them and the script from
the stone ? ?

the names that I suspect that they are my relatives are :

one is the grave of Erna Cahn, a direct cousin of my father.:
, born 24.9.1909 in Erle / raesfeld Germany
immigrated 1938 to South Africa , lived in Johannesburg
married three times . first Husband Erich Haymann , other
husbands unknown
the grave which suites this description is
1909 - 17 Aug 1991
location in the cemetry according to the Cemetry project CD
l: M 446

and probably the grave of her husband:

1900 - 6 Nov 1969
l: M 445

2. the second possible grave is a grave of another cousin of my father ,
Martha Falk
born Rubens.

Martha was born in 1888 in Linden Hannover
and moved to south africa , Johannesburg maybe before WW2 .
she lived some time with her cousin Erna .
she died in 1946, a fact we know >from letters >from this time

the Grave that exactly suites to this description
is the Grave of

FALK, Martha
1888 - 22 Oct 1946

location in the Cemetry westpark

l: F 78

and maybe her Husband :
FALK, Isidor
1877 c - 23 Dec 1957

location in the Cemetry westpark
l: J 322

my aim is to try to verify >from the photo or the inscript
or on the grave inscript that the maiden name of Erna Doppelt was
really Cahn,
and that the Maiden of Martha Falk was really Rubens.
and then if possible to look for possible still living relatives of them

Best regards and thanks for the help

Shmuel Rubens
holsteiner weg 37
33178 Borchen

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Shmuel Rubens

I have answered you to your private e.mail address.

Anne LAPEDUS BREST. ( Ex Dublin, Ireland). Sandton, South Africa..
RESEARCHING: LAPEDUS, Vieksniai, Lithuania. LAPIDUS (all spellings) all
countries, MARCUS, Ackmene, Lithuania, KLAPMAN, Ackmene, Lithuania, KARLIN
Zagera, Lithuania, BREST, Bauska, Latvia. , MIRRELSON , Kourland, Latvia.
ORKIN Zagera, Lithuania. ORKIN Joniskis (Yaneshik) Lithuania. KAHN
Vieksniai , Lithuania. SHILLMAN, Odessa, Russia. NOVGOROD, Yaneshik
(Joniskis), Lithuania.