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richard casson

Dear genealogists stalwarts

I've only just joined the SIG for South Africa.

I'm doing research on the family names: Brodie (in 1920 was changed in SA
from Broude). I'm interested in hearing >from anyone with information on
these two families.

The South African connections are as follows:-

a. Adolf or Albert Brodie married Esther Binnes in Manchester(England) in
1894. They actually had 5 children not 4 as stated in notes below. Adolf
emigrated to South Africa in 1903;his wife and family following later. See
Paragraph 2 of family notes below.

b. Hinde Brodie married Joseph Gelb about 1910.
Joseph left Lithuania for South Africa before World War 1 started in 1914.
Hinde followed with their two infants after war had broken out. She made the
long trek across Siberia and arrived in Japan where she stayed for the
duration of the war arriving in South Africa in 1919. I feel we have here a
story of great general interest and I can't wait to hear more about that
long journey with her two young, then that long stay in what must have been
a completely alien environment. See Paragraph 3 of the notees below.

c. Israel Binnes the brother of Esther Binnes.
Israel was born in Poland in 1881. On the UK census of 1901 he was found to
be living with his elder brother Marks in Manchester.In 1930 Israel
emigrated to Windhoek in the South West Africa(now Namibia) and married
Sophie Hoffbrand. They had a daughter Millie who married Bernhard Karseboom.
They had two daughter Karen and Esther one of whom went to live in Cape
Town. Bernhard died in Windhoek in 1964. Israel died in Windhoek in 1959.
Think Israel had a drapery business.

d. Marks or Max Binnes brother of Esther and Israel
Marks was born in 1872 in Poland.He married twice the marriage that concerns
us is his first marriage to Sarah Galley which took place in Manchester(UK)
in 1893.The results of this marriage were 5 children:Joseph(b.
1894),Rosie(b. 1896),Harry(b. 1898),Ada(b.1904),Fanny(b. 1906). Ada and
Fanny went off to South Africa but I know little else.

I myself am the grandson of Noah Binnes a brother of Esther.

Have provided full notes (as they might strike a chord with someone)
although only paragraphs 2 and 3 relate to South Africa.

Looking forward to some response. I particularly like hearing how the new
immigrants established themselves in theor new country.

Richard Casson
Cheadle (Cheshire)


Our knowledge of the Brodie family goes back to JOSEPH the father of
NETANIEL BRODIE (also known as SANNA).
NETANIEL was married to HODA. It has been said that they were cousins and
that her maiden name had also been BRODIE, but there is no proof of this.
They ran a tavern in ALSHAD.
They had six children,three sons and three daughters. It is believed that
ISRAEL ABBA BRODIE (also known as ADOLF or ALBERTafter he left Lithuania)
was the eldest child,having been born in ALSHAD about 1870.
(This would put NETANIEL's year of birth at about 1845 and JOSEPH's about

ADOLF emigrated to England about 1887. In 1894 he married in
Manchester,ESTHER BINNES,also born about 1870. The
BINNES FAMILY originated in LODZ(LOTOS)in the province of GRODNO, where
their family name was SHARAHEFSKY.
who married MINDEL YELLIN. ESTHER and her brothers MAX(MARKS),NOAH and
ISRAEL,and her sister GOLDA also arrived in England in the 1880s,where they
adopted the surname of BINNES, which name came >from somewhere on their
mother's side. It is not known whether their parents ever left Eastern
Europe. It has also been said that there was some family relationship
between the BRODIE and SHARASHEVSKY families,but here again there is no
proof. ADOLF and ESTHER had four children,three sons and a daughter, ADOLF
emigrated to South Africa in 1903 and his family followed a few years later.

Two of ADOLF's sisters also left ALSHAD. HINDE, born in 1883 was the
youngest of the six children of NETANIEL and HODA. She married JOSEPH GELB
about 1910. THe GELBS came >from the village of SKUD near ALSHAD. JOSEPH GELB
left Lithuania before the outbreak of World War I in 1914 to go to South
Africa. HINDE followed after war had broken out. She and her two infant
children travelled across Siberia and Japan were they spent the duration of
the war, arriving in Cape Town in 1919. They had a son and daughter born in
ALSHAD before 1914, and subsequently three daughters born in South Africa.
Their descendants live mainly in South Africa and Israel.

An older daughter SARAH(CHAYA) married in ALSHAD,JOSHUA SAVILLE(originally
SABELL). They moved to England in 1921. They had three daughters and one
son. Two of the daughters died at a young age and the third in England in
her early twenties. Their son married in England. His descendants live
mainly in Israel.

The three children of NETANIEL and HODA who remained in ALSHAD were

CHAIM (married to GITA) died in ALSHAD about 1914. They had two daughters
and one son. One daughter TAUBE who was unmarried ,survived the holocaust
and reached Israel after World WAr II. She married a widower and died about
1982 leaving no issue. All other members of the family perished in the

JOSEPH (married to BREINE) died in ALSHAD about 1929 leaving no issue,
although it is said they had one child who died in infancy.

ESTHER REICHE Married AVRAM BOLNIK, a blacksmith >from a neighbouring
village. They had six daughters and two sons. ADOLF BRODIE, on a visit to
ALSHAD about 1927,took one of the sons (LAZAR) back with him to Cape Town to
join the family business there. All remaining members of the BOLNIK family
were killed in ALSHAD in 1941,except for two of the daughters who are
believed to have escaped and made their way to the USA. Any contact which
may have existed during their brother LAZAR's lifetime (he died in Cape Town
about 1980 ) has been lost.

End of notes

Teven Laxer

My wife, Dorit Hertz, is related to Millie Binnes and Bernhard Karseboom.
Please write to me at teven.laxer@... so we can share information.
Teven Laxer, Sacramento, CA, USA

Howard Lewis

Richard - I have a copy of 1929 South African Jewish Yearbook and the business digest offers brief profiles of Isaac Broude (born in Sokolka, Poland in 1865) and Isidore Broude, presumably his son, (born in Kimberley, SA in 1899. Although the former held a number of senior communal roles, his profession is not stated but the latter was listed as a dental surgeon.

As it happens, there are entries for Barnett Braude, also a dental surgeon and Louis Braude (born in Russia in 1878) who was a merchant. Isaac Broude arrived in Johannesburg in 1887 which coincides with the date for Adolf. Perhaps he was an unknown older brother or a cousin. If you give me your email address, I can forward you photos of these entries.

With all good wishes - Howard Lewis 

Michael Hoffman

Hello Richard,

Access the following on Family Search for Esther Binnes Brodie probate record in South Africa

This record confirms the 4 children of Esther Binnes Brodie.


Michael Hoffman


Howard Lewis

Please advise your private email address so I can forward entries, as requested. I replied to your email sent via this site but it bounced back as undeliverable.