How to find a marriage Document??? #southafrica

Lucky Belinfante

Good evening all

For many years I have been trying to find a marriage document for a family
member to no avail.

The information I do have:

Abraham Cohen BELINFANTE b.1868 London, England d, 29 Sept 1929 Durban, SA
buried Stellawood cemetery, SA X Minnie Cohen GROSSMAN b.1878 London
England. d, 29 dec 1951, Hillbrow Johannesburg. Minnie is found (UK National
archives), Outgoing passengers, page 1, line 13, Miss GROSSMAN, age 24 born
1876, sailing >from Southampton to South Africa, foreigner, 1900 July.

They had a daughter: Freda BELINFANTE b. 25 Jul 1904 Transvaal, SA X Walter
Edwin BAILEY XX 31 Aug 1940, Johannesburg SA, John Stanley Royle Dallas ORR
b. 30 Apr 1906, 31 Aug 1940, Johannesburg SA.

I need to find the marriage for Abraham and Minnie. I think it could have
been a civil marriage as they were Sephardic Jews. I have no idea how to go
about finding civil marrages, please help.

Lucky Belinfante