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Thanks to David Goldman and his English translations of 100 pages of
handwritten Yiddish letters, sent mostly >from Kiev and the Crimea, I have
discovered that nearly all of my mother's brothers and sisters were still
alive and living in Kiev, Kherson, Yvepatoria/Crimea, and Vladivostok in
1936, the date of the last of the letters, one >from Kiev and one >from
Yvepatoria, Crimea. The only member of the Minkovsky family whom I have any
information on since 1936 is Yiddish writer Motte Talalaevsky, who I was able
to trace through his prolific literary works in the USSR (thanks to the NY
Public Library Jewish Division and YIVO), having served in the Red Army in
WWII, survived being imprisoned in the Stalin repression of writers in the
1950s, he died in Kiev in 1978. He was born in Mokhnachka, Popelyansky
District, Zhitomir area.

So far, I have reached a blank wall with the rest of the family members in
the Ukraine. There are at least 30+ family members unaccounted for. Does
this mean they all perished in the Nazi occupation of Kiev, Kherson and the
Crimea? And has anyone out there been able to access this information?

Beatrice Markel
Redondo Beach, California

Researching In the Ukraine

Minkovsky: Rozhevere/Kiev/Kherson
Talalaevsky: Mokhnachka,Zhitomir/Kiev
Dorfman/Sharfman: Kiev/Kherson