wrong Welcome Document?? #ukraine

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

If you were one of the 46 people who subscribed to the Ukraine SIG
yesterday and today, we owe you an apology. There was a glitch
and lyris sent you the wrong welcome document.

Since a welcome doc gives you instructions for managing your
subscription and you need this kind of information, please send
me an e-mail and I'll see to it that that the correct document
is sent. Just put need welcome doc in the subject line and
as soon as I get your message I will attend to it.

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations
Personal messages to -->skydell@...
JewishGen business to -->cskydell@...
Thank you!


I'm not sure if I officially subscribed to the Ukraine SIG yet--the e-mails
have been coming hot and heavy--but if I haven't I certainly would like to.
Please add me to your list and forward the correct instructions for manaing
my subscription. Hopefully, this will not replace my Kiyve connection, but
will supplement and complement it.

Am looking forward to the new connections.

Estelle Nemoy

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The Kiyev Research group has merged with the Ukraine SIG. You are in the right place.