WOW!!!! #ukraine

Jimmy Rodgers <pigglet@...>

When I sent my message this morning I never expected to have a response
this soon. I did not even expect to have this much response. I should
have found this sight a long time ago. Thank you to everyone who has
answered me.

I have researched the ellis island sight with all forms of BLASSMAN
spelling to no avail. There are a couple of people but they came from
amsterdam and way off places >from russia.

I have tried naturalization paper work because just about everyone had to
become citizens before finding work. Once again to no avail.

Some one has suggested looking for forms of BLASSMAN with a V instead of a
b. I will definently take everyone's advice and look at all the avenues
that has been sent to me. Laura


Ms Arnold,

We Jews have long ago lost any tribal affiliation (i.e., the twelve tribes).
We are mainly descended >from the kingdom of Judaea, which consisted of Judah
and Benjamin with a few members of the other ten tribes picked up along the

The only other tribe that kept its identity was the tribe of Levi whose
descendants were Kohanim and Levites and often have that identity in their
family names today.

Sorry, but I doubt if you will get back further than the middle ages in

Best regards,
Dan Nussbaum