Bakshy #ukraine

Laura Reed <ltreed2000@...>

My grandmother was born in Kerch (Crimea) in 1914 as
Anya (or Hannah) Bakshy. Her father David Bakshy died
in the early 1920's and the family (wife Mary,
daughter Gloria (Olga), son Jack (Josef) and my
grandmother resetteled in Chicago. Family lore says
David owned a large department store in Kerch before
the revolution.

Have very little information on the Bakshy family and
would love to hear >from anyone who has Bakshy

Laura Tower Reed
Belmont, California

Searching: BAKSHY, Kerch, Ukraine
MERLIN, Mogilev, Belavus


Interesting, BAKSH(I) is a common name among Sfardim. In Turkish, it means
"garden." In some Indian languages it is a term used for officers of the ruler's
court especially financiers.

There were Turkish Jews in the Crimea. I wonder if Laura's grandmother's
family was of Sephardic origin. She might like to with a Sephardic or Turkish
Jewish genealogical list serve.

Did anybody in the family take the name BAUMGARTEN, GARTEN or PARDES? They
all mean "garden" or "orchard" in various languages.

Did anybody take the name WIRTSCHAFTER? That is German for ruler's financiers.

Dan Nussbaum