Family names and towns in the Ukraine #ukraine

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You can find some info about Yelisavetgrad/Kirovohrad on my MILLMAN site - just follow the
"Elisavetgrad" link there.

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Subject: Family names and towns in the Ukraine
From: Lenn Zonder <>
Yelisavet'grad, now known as Kirovohrad, Ukr.

Lenn Zonder <lenwriter@...>

Yelisavet'grad, now known as Kirovohrad, Ukr.

Schloime ben Zalman Dov Zamachovsky, 1851-1926, born
in Ukraine and died in New Haven, CT. He was my
great-grandfather. He married Beila (last name not
known). She was born in Ukraine 1860 (possibly Uman),
died New Haven, CT. 1948. They had two children both
born in Yelisavet'grad, Sendor, in 1891, migrated to
New Haven, CT. via Antwerp, Belgium in 1906. Jack
(Yacob)migrated with his parents to New Haven in 1909.
Sendor changed his name to Samuel Zonder shortly after
his arrival. The others adopted the new name on their
Sam and Schloime were both tailors. Jack was only six
year old.
Sam moved to New York City in 1912. His parents and
his brother remained in New Haven for the rest of
their lives.
Note: According to my late father, his grandmother had
eight children. This fact was confirmed by the EIDB.
However, neither my father nor his uncle, Jack, ever
knew what happened to the other six children.

Isaac Brodsky, born in Zlatapol, moved to
Yelisavet'grad prior to 1894. He worked as a
Isaac married Malka Belachovsky. She was killed in the
Yelisavet'grad pogram of 1905. Isaac and Malka had
seven children. My grandmother, Lily (Leah) was the
oldest of three girls.
Lily moved to New York City around 1910 and lived with
her oldest brother at 297 Rivington St. in Manhattan.
Isaac arrived in 1912 with the youngest children and
by 1918 was living in Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Navy
Sam and Lily married in 1915. They had one son, my
father, Leon, in 1917. Lily and her father both died
in the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918.

Lenn Zonder
Woodbridge, CT 06525