ukraine digest: October 02, 2005 #ukraine

Irina Kunia <iritrashba@...>

Dear geners and Steve Orlen,
I am looking for people who are searching in the area of Boguslav
(Kiev Gubernya). My Rashba family is >from this town and also >from Kanev . I
would like to find out what revisions lists , census and other documents
were survived for 19 -th century and end of 18-th century. I can help with
translations >from Russian in a exchange for any info related to this area
(or pay for it).
Irit (Irene) Rashba
New Milford, NJ, USA

Subject: Ukraine SIG: Database Project 2
From: Steve Orlen <sorlen@...>
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 08:48:19 -0700
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My great-grandfather Benjamin BELKIND haLevi, a tailor, was born 1860 in
Boguslav in Kiev Gubernya, as was his wife Rifka WOLINSKY, & his children:

Roza born 1886
Menachem-Mendl born 1888, a studio photographer
Moische (Misha) born 1892, a studio photographer;
Chaim born circa 1893 a studio photographer
Ephraim born circa 1896 died circa 1902 Kishinev

The family moved to Odessa (Peresyp) circa 1892.

My great-great grandfather, Motis-Mendl WOLINSKY, a wheelwright, was born
circa 1780's in Boguslav in Kiev Gubernya, as were his children:

Gusel who imm to London
Yoynah, a soldier for many years
Ephraim, born circa 1830, a wheelwright
Israel (Srulke) b 1845 imm to London. Owned an art gallery.

Ephraim WOLINSKY (same as above) his wife Rachel moved to Odessa circa 1895
with their children:

Rifke born circa 1863 died in Kishinev circa 1902
Lea born circa 1863 imm to Brooklyn Married Mr. Teplitsky
Sarah born circa 1866 imm to Alexandria, Jaffa, Brooklyn
Moishe born circa 1870 imm to England then to USA
Ite born circa 1877 imm to Melbourne
Leib imm to Alexandria then Palestine
Yankel an engineer on water projects imm to Alexandria then Palestine

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ