Searching STEINBERG , KVATIRMAN from Akkerman/Cetatea Alba- Bessarabia #ukraine

Limor Shenhar-Lecaros <limorsh@...>

Hi Genners,

I've encountered in the Yad-Vashem archives, some
forms regarding my family members who perished in the
More specifically I'm referring to those people:
Sheindel STEINBERG , born 18??, daughter of Menukha
and Yaakov, wife of Zeev - She was my father's
Berl STEINBERG , born 1890 (?), son of Sheindel and
Zeev - He was my father's uncle
Etel STEINBERG, born 1896 - Berl's wife
Nuni LIPOVETSKI(nee STEINBERG), born 1897, daughter of
Sheindel and Zeev - She was my father's aunt
Grisha LIPOVETSKI, born 1892 - Nuni's husband.
Sara LIPOVETSKI, born 1924 - Nuni and Grisha's

Henikh KVATIRMAN (b. 1901?), married to Masha (b.
Their children: Maly (1919), Peril (1920) and Levy
Isaia KVATIRMAN (b. 1900?), married to Yeti nee
TRITENBROT (b. 1901)
Their children: Hersh (1916) and Dvorah (1920)

All of the people mentioned above were living during
the WW2 in Odessa or in Akkerman (known also as
Cetatea Alba), Bessarabia, then Romania.
As far as we know, they perished in 1941, among most
of Bessarabia's Jews.

The only family members who survived the Holocaust
Zeev (Lupu) Shenhar (STEINBERG), born 1933 in Galats,
Romania - My father
Moni STEINBERG, born 1928 in Galats, Romania - my
Dvora STEINBERG (nee KVATIRMAN), born 1903 or 1904 in
Yekhiel STEINBERG, born 1902 or 1903 in Akkerman - son
of Sheindel and Zeev- he was my father's father,
brother of Berl and Nuni. He died long before WW2.

If any of you is famliar with those names, I would
appreciate your answer.

Kind regards,



Good afternoon.  My name is Boris.  I am the grandson of Sarah Steinberg (Raider) her father, Israel Steinberg was originally from Akkerman.  Perhaps we are somehow connected with you?