What can be known about this Hebrew name? #ukraine


Hello Genners!

When I logged into Ancestry.com after a several years' absence, I discovered
that the Hebrew name of my grandfather had been added to his record. I'm not
sure where this came from, since I don't remember knowing or entering it,
but perhaps it came >from the JewishGen Online Burial Registry which is now
part of his record?

I know nothing about Hebrew naming conventions. I was surprised to see what
appears to be a patronym, since his descendents have only given names. Can
anyone tell me what can be known about this name? Does it have anything to
do with our tribe, or anything else that would be interesting or useful?

His name is Leibil Ben Shaye Israel

Thank you very much,

Karen Jo Rippens

Handler(Gendler)/Chankes, Matsiev, Ukraine
Rubin/Zerobnick/Muutkander, Ostrow-Lubelski, Poland

Moderator's Note: The record you accessed is a JewishGen record on the
Ancestry database, Ancestry makes no changes. It is also possible that
the record came >from the JOWBR database and someone may have added to
the original files >from gravestone transcriptions.