Emigration to England #ukraine

Harvey Kaplan

My grandmother travelled >from Kamenetz-Podolsk in the Ukraine in 1906
to Rotterdam, and ended up in Glasgow. My Lithuanian great great
grandparents in 1902 travelled to Hamburg, then by boat to Grimsby,
then by train to Glasgow. Hull and Grimsby were major arrival points.

Harvey L Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland


Wendy Freebourne asked: Can anybody tell me how immigrants >from Russia would
have travelled to London, England at the end of the 19th and beginning of
the 20th centuries? So far, and it is early days, I have found no records. I
also wonder how relatively poor people with several children managed the

There is an excellent series of descriptions about Jewish migration to the
UK to be found at the 'Moving Here' website at http://tinyurl.com/c5t3msc

Essentially, the average Jewish individual or family would sell up
everything they had to purchase travel tickets: a rail ticket which would
take them across Europe to a sea port such as Antwerp in Belgium or Hamburg
in Germany, where they would normally take a passage to the Port of London.

Each family story is bound to be slightly different - ways of raising the
costs of the travel; preferred routes; passages with or without official
papers; those who travelled by night as it was cheaper or those who went on
ships which they thought would take them to the States only to find
themselves in the East end of London without a place to stay etc.

Martin Davis
London (UK)

Alex Girshovich

Hi Wendy,

I think it is best described in "Wandering Stars" by Sholom Aleichem.


Alex Girshovich