Tavern property / tax records #ukraine

Joel Hayflick <joel_hayflick@...>

According to family lore, my paternal GGGGF, Jacob SPITKOWSKI, owned and operated a tavern located a few miles outside of Kiev where he lived in the rear of the building with his wife, Hannah, and son, Boruch. What records exist, such as taxes paid or deed of ownership, that might provide support for the family story? Thanks.

Joel Hayflick

Mike Schwartz

I have a similar family legend about my Great Grandfather. The Malogolowke
family lived in Lysyanka, which is in the Kiev Oblast on the road between
Uman and Kiev. >from maps of the time (ca 1900) it appears to be the only
town in the vicinity with buildings on both sides of a river, implying it
was a river crossing. Since there was no bridge present at that time, I
presume it was a Ferry Crossing. This makes the town an ideal stopping
point on the road and an ideal place for a Tavern.

I have been unable to find any records confirming this story, but there is
circumstantial evidence. There is a voting record (1907 Duma) for my Great
Grandfather in that town showing he was a property owner. In 1908 when he
and his family (including my Grandmother as a young girl) emigrated to
America, they came with a large amount of cash - declared; many thousands of
dollars when most immigrants could only declare the required $25. So it
seems they must have had property to sell to come to America.

Any ideas on how to confirm this story would be welcome.

Mike Schwartz