Correction: Article on Dedication of the Memorial to the Yurburg, Lithuania Jewish Community #yizkorbooks

Joel Alpert

The dedication of the Synagogue Square Memorial was held on July 19,
2019. This memorial is to honor the former Jewish community of
Yurburg. It was initiated by the the town’s Christian mayor,
Skirmantas Mockevicius. He found David Zundelovitch, a renowned
Lithuanian-Israeli sculptor with family roots in the town, who along
with his daughter Anna and son Greg, executed the memorial on a site
near where the famous old wooden Yurburg Synagogue, built in the
1790s, once stood. The partners of this project include the Jurbarkas
regional municipality, CAN New Artists Collegium, the Litvak community
of Lithuania, the Friends of the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery and also many
private people.

This is a unique memorial in that it was initiated by a Lithuanian!
It is the first of its kind.

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Joel Alpert, Chair of the Friends of the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

Randall Tenor

I wish more Lithuanian communities and the Lithuanian government would do this. I am fortunate that most of my family came over around 1900 and others were able to fight in the forest in WW II, though we lost some in the camps. Let's hope that Yuburg is not a one time event.

Thank you.

 Randy Tenor