Genealogy software for Mac

Jo Ann Goldwater

I am looking for a program for the Mac. Has anyone used Roots Magic? Can anyone recommend one to me? Thanks

Jo Ann Goldwater

Sue Frank

Personally, I’m a big fan of Reunion which I’ve been using for several years and is regularly updated. It also has an app version called ReunionTouch which can be installed on iPhones and iPads which means I always have my family tree with me. I can update it on the spot and it syncs with all my devices.

Susan Frank

Enzo Falco

Hi Jo Ann.

I have been very happy with Reunion for about 25 years.


Enzo Falco
Belmont, MA

David Syner

i love and have used Reunion for 20 + years
it was made just for the mac

Joel weiner

I've used Reunion from Leister Pro for decades, and it's great. They also provide terrific user support.

Jeff Marx

I have been using Reunion for years and currently store 45,000 names on it without any difficulty. It slices! It dices! It produces all sorts of charts (I tend to use the indented descendent). It allows you to enter every conceivable field that you would like or keep the fields down to a minimum. Also the support desk is phenomenal! I love the program.

Michael Shade

Jo Ann,

I use MacFamilyTree, it does everything I've ever wanted it to do (and a lot more besides). It is designed for the Mac, and very easy to use, and has excellent reports, charts and Tree visualisations. It syncs to its own cloud storage, and there's a mobile version for iPhone/iPad, and you can keep all devices in sync.

There's a new version out recently, still on half-price offer.

Best wishes,

Michael Shade
Brighton, UK
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Laurie Sosna

Most importantly:
Make sure the software you decide on can run in your version of MacOS. The latest MacOS (10.15 Catalina) will not run 32 bit programs.
Check each website for compatibility.
RootsMagic 7 is the current version available. It will not run in Catalina. 
RootsMagic 8 will, but has not been released yet. There's a post on the RootsMagic Blog about this.

I've been using Reunion for many years. A solid program. Updates are not free, which, over time, can add up to a lot of money.
Here's a list of programs available:

Most programs have a demo you can download and try. Try one, add 10 people, 10 sources, etc. 
Each program should let you export the data as a GEDCOM file, which you can import into the next program you try.

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA

Marian <mac4shop@...>

I tried Roots Magic once.  I went back to Reunion.

Jo Ann Goldwater

Hi Genners

Thanks to all of you who answered my question about genealogy software for the Mac. I had one response not to use Roots Magic, and I read a blog about it. Roots Magic is 32 bit and won’t work because all software for the Mac has to be 64 bit now.

Five people recommended Reunion, and most have been using it for years. One recommended Family Tree Maker which I had years ago and didn’t like it. However I know that it is not at all the same program now as it was then.

I was using Reunion 11, I think, on my iPad and iMac but it is so out of date, it can’t even be upgraded. So I guess I’ll just go with the Reunion and buy a new version of it.

This discussion group is amazing, and so are genealogists. Everyone is so helpful.

Shana Tova, Jo Ann Goldwater, Montreal

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Jo Ann Goldwater - If you were using a licensed version of Reunion 11 you can upgrade to the current version for half price (, then click on the Buy Reunion, Now! button. The upgrade works fine converting your older file.
Elias Savada
Bethesda MD

David Brostoff

On Oct 13, 2019, at 1:32 PM, Jo Ann Goldwater <jogold@...> wrote:

I was using Reunion 11, I think, on my iPad and iMac but it is so out of date, it can’t even be upgraded. So I guess I’ll just go with the Reunion and buy a new version of it.
As far as I know, Reunion 11 owners are eligible for an upgrade to Reunion 12: <>


Lynda Zakrzewski

I use Roots Magic 7 on a MacBook Pro using Windows 8.1 (using Parallels) and have never had a problem and my IT expert says there is no problem continuing with this as Parallels has been 64 bit for some time.  I have never used the Mac version.

Jo Ann Goldwater

When the consensus was to use Reunion, I investigated. It turned out that mine was Reunion 9 and I was just able to upgrade to Reunion 12 ($49.99)

Jack R. Stokvis

I used Reunion for Mac for many years. However, if you use, you must enter data manually. Today, I consider this a major time consuming problem making Reunion obsolete.

As a result, imported all my data from Reunion and purchased MyFamilyTree by Mackiev for the sole reason that it imports and exports data between MFT and

Unfortunately Reunion which I prefer does not have this vital link.

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