New JewishGen platform

Joan A. Baronberg

I’d like to reply to Vicki Adelson’s comment and request. I am copying and pasting her message into the below as original messages do not (yet?) appear on my digests.

First, I would like to sincerely thank Abraham Groll and others who have worked so conscientiously to give us a new-looking and new-acting platform. Your intentions and efforts are very appreciated. 

Second, aside from the technical glitches and complexities, I too dislike the new presentation and was perfectly happy with how the old digests looked. They appeared reader-friendly and were easy to use.

Third, I wonder if there is a compromise that could be made? While I think I understand the need and wish for all the potential that this modernized format can offer, we readers and users are wondering if the time and effort getting used to it (and your time fixing the glitches) is worth the results. The previous platform served the needs of digest users, especially since Jewishgen offers many other ways to do our actual research. However, if we have no choice about this new program and JG is already too far deep into its obligations to it, can we not return to, at the very least, the way the digest pages looked in the past?

Thank you,
Joan Baronberg

Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1 #Help 
From: Vicki Adelson
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 22:37:17 EDT 
I would amend all of the above to say: “What have you done? You have changed something that was really good and informative to something that is totally a mess. I subscribed to this for years and found it very helpful; it is totally useless now. Go back to the original format. Change is not always good.”

Steven Zimmerman

I like the new format. It is much easier to skip to topics of interest and is easier to read.

I just don’t know why I am now getting so many digest emails in one day? How can I get it to go back to one digest a day?

Thank you

Family Bonds

I would encourage those who are having difficulties to explore why before requesting that the entire system be scrapped.  The new digest works perfectly for me.  I get a list of all the messages, and the content is below. The format is much easier to read than the old plain text.  If the messages are not opening for you, it may be, as someone else suggested, a setting in your e-mail client that is causing the problem.

If you are reporting problems with the system, include the name of your e-mail client and the name of your operating system in your message.  For instance, write that you're using Outlook on Windows 10 or Roundcube on Mac OS and whether you are using a PC or a mobile device.  That provides useful information to the administrators. It is probably much more productive to send that information to support@... than to post it here.



Joan B. expressed my sentiments perfectly.  I am still willing to learn my way around the new system, but long for the ease of former setup.  Good thing that together we can work out bugs and smooth [add/ delete] features on this before messing around with the SIGs.  [Like other users, I seem to have 'lost' all SIG Ukraine contact.]

I understand the need for upgrades for public use and updating the inner workings of the software.  Maybe it is too much in one bite?
Thanks to the many volunteers who have been active for years, I have a lifetime of archived threads to comb for clues and info.  ")

Alan Ehrlich

Yes, I simply switched, in the settings link, to daily digests, Now I really like the new platform. It offers very useful new features, and "overview" with this "delivery" frequency is perfect as well. 

Friendly regards,
Alan Ehrlich (JGen No. 6925)
Geneva, Switzerland