Still seeking immigration information Kaminsky


Greetings, all:
I'm thrilled to finally be able to post again. The old system wouldn't allow me to. Anyway, I am still seeing immigration information on my great grandparents.
Samuel and Jennie Kaminsky. I have found them in the 1900 Philadelphia census under the spelling Kominsky, with three of their children, Isie (Isadore), Pauline and Yetta (Helen). I keep searching for ship's records and immigration information but keep hitting a dead end. My goal is to find out where in "Russia" they came from. I have no real clues except the stories from an uncle that they lived near Kiev.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Elizabeth Kaminsky

R Jaffer

Have you obtained naturalization records, marriage and death records for everyone, and Isadore's WWII registration card? All of these might also tell you where the family had lived. Sometimes even obituaries and headstones will give this information.

Roberta Jaffer

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

KAMINSKY is a surname in my family from the small town of Vistytis in modern-day Lithuania. It is located just north of the Polish border near Suwalki and also across a lake from the modern Russian border that was once East Prussia. You mentioned being from the Kiev, Ukraine area, which is not near, however the Russian Empire covered both of these areas and the surname is not that common. Good luck!
-Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Yehuda Berman

My maternal grandmother (first name unknown) was originally a Kaminsky , from Odessa in what is now Ukraine. When my mother (born Zelda Echtman or Achtman) first came to America in the mid 1920's she stayed for a year with Kaminsky aunts and uncles in New York until she moved back to Detroit where her brother lived. But she lost contact with them - my family was not great on letter writing. Anyway, 40 years later she visited my older brother who was living in Manhattan and tried to look them up. But there were three pages of Kaminskys in the Manhattan directory and more in Brooklyn and she gave up. Apparently Kaminsky is a very common name.
Yehuda Berman

Andrea Dechter

My GGM was Chana Kaminsky. She immigrated to the US in 1913. She was from Zhitomyr. 
Andrea Dechter
Coral Springs, FL