Ancestry Introduces AncestryHealth(R)

Marjorie Geiser

Several years ago, when I still had my business, I taught a CEU course for registered dietitians/ health professionals on nutrigenomics. DNA testing to determine health projections had been around for awhile and is quite fascinating. I did it for the course, and as a result made a few changes in my diet.

I received that notice from Ancestry, but I would suspect that we'd have the option to keep it private. 

Margie Geiser

Marjorie Geiser, MBA


In the end, and I follow the issue of privacy quite closely, put it on line especially ancestry or any commercial for profit organization, there will be no privacy.  And that includes myheritage.

privacy in these matters no longer exists in general terms.

until nations and governments and voters pass strict laws to protect it, you are dreaming to think otherwise.

if you don't want it shared, don't share it.

inconvenient truth.

it will be shared under the current regime regarding privacy.


good luck.